Field Day 2017 Is Over. Back Home

Ain’t it funny how you can set something up (which I did), have everything work perfectly (which it did), only to have it all go Tits-Up when you take that same setup someplace else?

2017-06-24 10.01.27

That was my weekend. Made ZERO contacts. Either couldn’t get HRD to connect to my radio, or DM-780 wouldn’t connect. Or both. OR I couldn’t get my antenna matched.

And that was pretty much how it was with everyone Really. EVERYONE had problems with their rigs or antenna’s. Even N7YGE and his APRS rig couldn’t get it to work right.

2017-06-24 10.27.17

At least AD7DY got his working (late) and made a butt-ton of 160-meter contacts. Omer saves the day Again.

It was HOT, dusty, and the mosquito’s were horrible at dusk (and all damned night). I got about 50 bites that are driving me nuts!

So, I made breakfast for the guys before packing up and coming on home. Caravan is mostly unpacked. Truck is mostly unpacked. Took a 30 minute shower! Relaxed and elevated my left leg for awhile. (Long story. Later.)

2017-06-24 12.02.01

Cooked the last of the burgers for our dinner and SWMBO watched “Passengers” with me. Cool. Sure was nice having her come out to be with me Friday & Saturday nights. Appreciate her.

I’m gonna vegg for awhile then go lay down. I’ll post the pictures tomorrow. Probably.

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Got Oot And Aboot For A Bit Today

Decided to get my Old Ass out of the house for a bit; had to take Netflix to the Post Office anyway. So I made the rounds of the “junk” shops in town. Homes For Humanity, JK’s Antique’s, Faith In Action. Missed the new one that opened but will get it in the future. Something to look forward to.


Found 3 small steel bowls in decent condition for a fair price at JK’s. Luckily it was half-off Tuesday! Cost me a whopping $4! Otherwise, saw a lot of cool stuff, but nothing worth either buying or paying the price they were asking. Why do most junk stores price their shit like you can’t do without it? They’d probably get rid of more of their stuff if they settled on a price, then immediately cut it by 50%.


Anywho, that (along with stopping at the Post Office (thought I’d forgotten that, didn’t ya?)) took a whole 1.5 hours! But it was kind of fun. Maybe I ought to head into Bremerton and do the same tomorrow. Supposed to be a fairly nice day. Would get me off my ass for awhile.

Friend came over and we worked on the Linksys boxes setting up Mesh-Net. Got two of them seeing each other. Only took 3.5 hours and 53,000 reboots of both routers and computers to do it. Damn, we good! More! More! Give Me More!


And that’s about it for the day again. Not a whole lot going on. SWMBO is home safe. Delivered the Renter’s mail. Played with the Mesh-Nodes a bit more (unsucessfully this time. Can’t get them to actually talk to each other). I’m off to read a bit.

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Wet. Windy. Power Flickering. Cool!

Each of my monitors has different backgrounds from our latest trips around. I find that, even though I enjoy all the pictures, those that pop up with my Lovely Young Bride of almost 30 years seem to be my favorite. I cannot help but smile each time I see her face on one of my screens! Wonder why that is?


Braved both downpour and traffic and drove to the COSTCO in Silverdale to “upgrade” my phone. Lady pulled up our account information and asked me for a password for our account. Password? What password? Nothing I could remember (which wasn’t much and included misremembering SWMBO’s last 4) worked. Holy Shit In A Handbasket. Wasted trip. More traffic, and rain, on the way home.

But I did stop and get a 3-piece chicken tenders $5 buck lunch on the way home. Not much consolation; but something. And I got what they were looking for from SWMBO after I got home.

Now the lights are flikering and I should probably turn my computer off before it goes out completely. Getting windy out there! Think I will shut down. Later.


I be back. Had a couple of flickers that reset the clocks (Thanks, Mother Nature!). Heard several reports of trees down across powerlines and roads a bit earlier. It did get rather windy out there. Hope the Ferry still runs tonight and SWMBO gets home.

A friend of mine, a new Technician, came over to take part in the MCARC 10-meter chat Net. Didn’t have a “net” exactly, but he did get to talk to someone else on 10-meters. Cool. Then we spent a couple ot hours doing “radio stuff” and just talking about different things. Was fun.


But it’s past my bedtime now.

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Kind Of Another Lazy Day. Sort Of.

Got an e-mail that my friend, W7FBI (Lee), passed away from heart problems yesterday. He was, like, ancient, had been a Ham since forever, and I’d been to his house several times to help out with putting up antenna’s and ‘stuff.” He was also our Club President or Treasurer occasionally. He was a really nice person. He will be missed on our Nets! Not totally unexpected, considering his age, but still …


Other than that: not much happening today. It’s kind of sprinkling out there but the grounds so wet we have our backyard river running again. There’s a pool (of water) about 8 feet out from the house that I’m hoping doesn’t spread any further.


Made a new Flickr account for KF7LTT just to post the Club/Ham Radio pictures and, maybe, make it a bit easier for the other Club members to get to when they’ve the urge. Uploading is slow today and it took a couple of hours to upload all the pictures I have and get them arranged in some semblence of order.

Looks like a great swath of the East Coast is getting hammered by a snow storm. Cool. Hope the White House caves in on some certain few people. But that’s just me.


Anyway, got to pick SWMBO up at QFC this evening so I took the Dog with me. He does a lot of complaining until she finally shows up. But, that’s okay. He’s a Dog.

Think I’ll go read a bit. Or maybe Tumblr.

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