Longmire Season 05

Ladder03bFrustrated as Hell cause I can’t find Longmire Season 05 anywhere but at Netflix streaming. Damn. I have a DVD subscription (which I’m thinking of cancelling anyway) and really don’t want to pay for a streaming account. Really like Longmire, but …

Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. Me and the Dog going for walks. Cold out there. Hasn’t been raining much but everything’s still soaked out in the back 40. Finally getting him (the Dog) to wrestle me a bit. That’s good. He’s still pooping on the “blue grass” in the big room if I don’t get him outside in time. Someone trained him that he can’t go outside and poop unless he’s being watched. Haven’t been able to break him of that belief yet. But I will outstubborn him on this.

AArt06Took the Dog for a couple of walks. Sun was out but it is COLD out there. Brrr. NWS says it’s 39 degrees with wind chill at 31 degrees. Too cool for me! Calling for freezing rain Thursday night into Friday morning. I may just turn the electric pad on and stay in bed. (Be nicer if SWMBO could stay there with me!)

Playing with World Editor (WED) trying to make KPWT (Bremerton) act a bit more realistically. Would love to see some other traffic there besides me and the static planes I put in. Also want to learn how to make AI planes and building that look like the buildings that are really there. And a bunch of other stuff. It’s all complicated to me.

Oops, they called off the threat of icy rain over the next day or so. Good! Do need a bit of rain though. Need to do some trash burning.

The MCARC Wednesday 2-meter Chat Net went well. Eight checkins this week!

I’m gonna go find a Longmire Season 5 torrent. Then go to bed.

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