Hey! It Ain’t Raining! Cool!

Fairly normal Friday so far. Didn’t have to drive SWMBO to the Ferry Landing this morning (her son did) so I’m back to my usual (boring) routine.

Pretty Cool Storm. Wish We Had These Here. (Really!)

About to get off my ass and get my day started. Sun is coming out and I may even get to take the Dog for a walk around the back 40. Should be Netflix day too.

Yep. Pretty much a normal day for me. We did get that walk in. Checked mail. The usual chores. Got lots of paperwork done and the insurance on the truck for financing taken care of. Tried to make my appointment for the sleep study but the sleep study place hasn’t gotten the paperwork yet. Said they’d call me when they get it.


Moved my 6btv antenna and made it a bit more wind-proof. Backed the truck up to the tent trailer (man, that back up camera is nice!) and plugged them together. All lights work just fine. I should take the trailer for a tow around to see how the truck does. Not during inclement weather though.


Not much else going on. I get to pick SWMBO up @ 1845 so I’ll be leaving pretty quick now. Tried to make myself some Sam Andy’s Chicken Fricassee for dinner. Shit looked so gross I nuked a couple of burritos instead. The rest will probably be thrown out in the back yard. (And I pity any poor animal that tries to eat it!)

We be back safe and sound. Nice to make the drive and it not be raining!

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