It’s Another Frantic Friday!

Steven from Home Depot came this morning and did his drawings and measuring for the resurfacing of the kitchen cabinets. Only a few questions for me; that I answered with “Well, that’s what she wants…” Plain doors/drawer fronts in Maple (I think).

Hanover Maple Natural

Now I’m moving my saws up from the basement to the garage so I don’t have to run down and up stairs every time I want to cut a board. Since I’m going to be using half of the garage I guess I ought to park outside until the job is done. Ah well.

Well, that was interesting. And tiring. Which seems to be the norm for me lately; feeling more tired out after exerting myself. Sometimes short of breath. I really did smoke way too long! And I really don’t “exercise” enough even though it seems I’m always busy around the house or going for walks. Probably don’t exert myself enough. And we won’t even talk about my being overweight! (I SAID we won’t talk about it!!)

Both saws are set up in the garage on a stable temporary table and ready to rumble.

Several Hours & Almost 5 Boxes of Flooring Later!

Several Hours & Almost 5 Boxes of Flooring Later! I’m Tired!

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