Torrentially Wet Thursday!

Catch basin finally backed up so water is running across the back yard. And it’s only going to get worse over the next few days.

Catch Basin is Upper-rightish

Went to ACE Hardware for a couple of strange bulbs I need for the front porch light so I got myself a $5 burger lunch at DQ and brought it home to eat. Was good. Couldn’t eat all the fries though. But the chocolate Sunday was good!

Just looked outside and both my blueberry bushes & the azaleas have budded. WTH? I guess the next nice day we have I should get out and start the garden stuff. Fix this Winter’s storm damage and move things to how I want them; since I’ll be the “gardener” this summer. Gonna do lots of peas this year and a whole lot fewer green beans. Maybe not so many mater’s.

Made “jigglers” before going to pick SWMBO up. We’ll see how that goes over.

Ok. We be home.SOP calls for me to get ready to go lay down and read awhile. So that’s where I’m a gonna go!

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