It’s A Frakkin’ Normal Friday!

Which means the usual. Except the Sun came out just long enough for me and the Dog to go for a tour of the back 40 and burn some of the trash. Nice. But the clouds have moved back in and it’s gotten darker (and cooler, I think) and I expect it to start raining again any minute. My property is soaked! Squishy squishy squishy.

Did the financial stuff for the MCARC club meeting this Saturday. Straightened up my e-library a bit more (as opposed to the real library; which I haven’t touched. Yet.) Made myself a can of New England Style Clam Chowder and some crackers for lunch. Copying the Music Backup files to SWMBO’s portable drive (about 3 hours for that. Luckily I don’t have to sit and watch it!)

OK! Garbage run made. I’ll do the plastics either tomorrow or next Tuesday. Depending. I have the club meeting @ 0830 and then SWMBO wants to take me to a late lunch at the Teriyaki place in Gig Harbor. So, we’ll see.

Cleaned the fridge. Made myself a plain fried fish sandwich for dinner. Watched the News. I tried to tell you how boring a life I lead!!

Listening to the News again. All I can say is: We’ve become a Country of pussies. A world where no one accepts personal responsibility for their actions. And a Country of weenies that want to force others to pay for their “stuff.” And GOD DAMN YOU if you hurt someone’s feelings! (Well, except the Atheists. They say HARRY DAMN YOU! instead.) I’m ashamed of the whiners we’ve become.

I Wann Go!

There is a bill in the State Senate that will allow Veterans to go to college and pay reduced tuition. But it’s stuck somewhere because they can’t figure out WHO IS GOING TO GET CREDIT FOR THE BILL!! So, as usual, Veterans suffer because some “higher ups” have their heads up their asses. But this is the stupidest reason for not doing something that I’ve heard lately.

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