Wow! Fairly Busy Saturday!

Got up early and went to the MCARC meeting in Shelton, WA. Almost stopped for a quick breakfast but decided not to. Meeting went well. I’m Treasurer again for another year. I don’t mind. The job really doesn’t take that much time every month and it isn’t hard or anything. Then people started paying their dues for the year!


SWMBO got invited to a friends baptism so she drove to Shelton for that. Didn’t get back home until 1700 or so. So I did the club financial paperwork getting everything ready for me to deposit dues Monday.

SWMBO got home and we loaded up in the car and took off for Teriyaki Chicken in Gig Harbor (it was good) and we were going to go to COSTCO but they were closed by the time we got there. Bummer. SWMBO wanted to buy some more shelves for her closet. Ah well. Made our usual stop at Safeway on the way home.


It has RAINED (hard) since noon today. The drive to/from COSTCO was crappy from the rain. Hydroplaned a couple of times and I wasn’t even going speed limit. At Safeway I had SWMBO stay by the door and pulled the car up to her so we could load our stuff into it. Couple of “Water On Roadway” signs out on the way home.


Which is where we are now. It’s 2100 so I’m watching a bit of the “Late Late Night” before heading off to read awhile. I love to read. I’d be willing to bet that I’ve read 10,000 or more books since I first learned to read. Some take 2-3 days. Some take 2-3 hours. But I have read a lot. Too bad I didn’t read anything that actually taught me something!

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