Yeah, I Coulda Posted Last Saturday

000-SDbbBut I didn’t cause I don’t usually post on “date day.” It’s a married 30+ years thing.

But I did have fun with SWMBO on our date. She took me to “Outback” since we haven’t been there in about 2-3 years. SWMBO had a bad steak episode the last time we did go there. This time she got a pretty good (her words) steak and I had the Alice Springs Chicken (tasty!) and we’ll probably go back again. Not soon though. We were just there.

Made our usual stop at Walmart. She found Season’s 1 & 2 of “Sleepy Hollow,’ which we bought, so now I can take them off my Netflix list. (Thinking of closing out my Netflix anyway.) We watched episodes 1 & 2 Sunday. It was okay. Kind of like “Supernatural.”

Sunday was our usual Sunday. SWMBO made spaghetti for dinner and we watched those two episodes together. I also mowed the front and upper-front yards. Other than that, and laundry, I stayed kind of lazy all day.

Ordered, and got, X-Plane 11 and have been playing around with that these past couple of days. Unless I reboot and load nothing it’ll crash on me. Hmmm. Especially if I kick the rendering up to max. Hmmm. Can’t get my favorite two planes (A10 & T28c (payware)) to work either. Hmmm.

Herc14Of course, people outside shooting guns into the air (well, the bullets actually. It’d take a larger (wierder) gun to shoot a gun into the air) and setting off their “practice fireworks” was kind of distracting. Luckily I didn’t hear any more Booms after 2300 or so. Expect it’ll go on rather late on the 4th.

Today was a fairly “normal” Monday around here. Stayed cloudy and cool most of the day. Got warm in the late afternoon but that didn’t last long. Can’t believe it’s July Wx wise.

And that’s pretty much it. Got to pick SWMBO up at the QFC this evening. We’re home, she’s fed and off doing her homework. I’m downloading a program called “Crossover” to see if it’ll run this program (Open Live Writer) and, if it does, I won’t have to start this VM to post. That would be cool! (Can’t believe the dirth of blogging programs in Linux. If I could program I’d write one.)

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