Nostra Bellia Boogerism Delecti Nux

My Ear! She shot my ear off! Again, Damn, Raylene! If I had been Human that would have hurt. At that it’ll take a week to grow back. Imagine, shot with a Ray Gun. What kind of sci-fi bull is that?


The usual Saturday around here; so far. SWMBO got home and took me to Red Robin for an early dinner. Stopped by COSTCO for some things and to look at their pressure washers. All they had were electric; and I don’t want an electric.


So we went to Home Depot where they had a small, gas powered, 2700 psi pressure washer for less then $250. Got it. I must be looking my age though cause on the way out no less than 5 people asked if I needed help getting that loaded in my vehicle. I got it, folks. (Well, it was kinda heavy and the more I carried it the heavier it seemed to get. Did it though.)

Made our usual stop at Safeway and now we be home.

And, still, the best part of the day was spending time with my Schweetie.


Set up the Kindle App on her phone and am now sharing my electronic books with her. That’s pretty cool. Our book likes are mostly really different (she likes Magic – I like Science) but there are a few that we share. Somehow I got her interested in reading “The Martian.” We’ll see how that goes.

Found “Created: The Destroyer” on Amazon for $0.00. Cool! That was one of my favorite series of books. Have the first 105 (or so) in paperback. Haven’t actually read any of them in years though. Might be time to re-read them. (And then the 80 (or so) Doc Savage books I have.)

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