#FJB Sounds Good To Me

So, Manchin is giving up and giving in. Pretty sad when Senator Sinema is the only one with balls enough to stand up to the rest of them. She’s even got most of the GOP beat in that department. Sad.

Almost an epic SSDD around here.

Raised a bit of a ruckus at AAG where we’re in line to get a reverse mortgage. It’s taking forever and I’m not being kept as up to date about the process as I’d like to be. The Agent in charge of my account called and apologized. Only took an e-mail to his boss. Who forwarded it to a couple of other bosses apparently. But I really wasn’t a happy camper. We’ll see how things improve.

Seems the big wait right now is the requirement for a 2nd appraisal. Seems appraisers are in short supply with today’s booming real estate market.

SWMBO called. She’s doing well. They lowered her O2 to 11 liters per minute to see how she’d do. She said she’s doing well with that so far. I’d just like her to be home. SHE’D like her to be home.

Trying a whole chicken in the Instant Pot (even though its a Farberware Pressure pot). Stuffed some strawberry’s, pineapple, and apple sauce in the cavity and some onion and celery into the pot with a cup of water. Slathered garlic and paprika on the outside (of the chicken; not the pot). Cook for 10 minutes per pound (25 minutes) and we’ll see. Pot was too small to add the potato’s (wrapped in tin foil and butter) and carrots (wrapped in tin foil with butter and some brown sugar). Broil for 10 minutes after Instant Pot.

So, we’ll see.

On the laptop I put together for SWMBO, I had just added her as a user. That’s not working out. Too many admin functions where I’d have to log her out and me in to get anything done. So I copied her data to a usb drive and reinstalled Linux Mint 20+. So far it’s working rather well. Need to install wine so rootsmagic will work.

Chicken tasted good but it was overcooked. Or maybe undercooked but done. Got to 165 degrees. Meat was kinda tough though. The carrots were just crispy enough to be good but the tater was what SWMBO calls el-dente but what I call “That needs some more cookin’!” So this experiment turned out, oh, 50-50. Now to figure out what to do with legs and thighs I won’t eat. Did see a recipe for chicken stock …

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