Nothing A Shower With SWMBO Wouldn’t Fix

So, got another phone call from a guy that wants to build/manage my website (, and, after he (in an obvious Indian (country) accent) introduced himself and asked if he was talking to (me), I came right out and said “I am not looking for someone to build/manage my web site.”

He was silent for a moment then asked “How did you know I was going to talk about that?”

“Because” says I. “Every phone call from a person with your particular accent is about wanting to build/manage my site. EVERY one.” (And I am NOT exaggerating. Honest.) (And if that sounds racist …)

He was silent for another moment, then, to give him credit, he still tried to sell me on it before I hung up on him. Since I registered I’ve been getting these phone calls. I rarely answer the phone anymore unless I recognize the number. Doesn’t help to block them either as they always have a different number the next time they call.

I know that if we ever got real Star Trek type communicators, it wouldn’t take a week before they’d be cluttered up with spam calls.

Well, SWMBO got moved from the 3rd floor (where the really sick folks are) to the 4th floor (where the not-so-sick folks are) because she’s doing better than most of the covid pneumonia/acute respiratory failure folks usually do. She’s still on O2 but 50/60 last I heard. (50% O2 @ 60 l/pm.) She’s being encouraged to walk around her room more often now. Cool!

I told her that when they move her to the roof I’d come get her. She said she’s got acute angina. Told her her legs are pretty nice too. (Not really. No wait. Her legs are nice. Still. The angina part wasn’t real. Nevermind.)

Date Day again. Not with SWMBO again. Got my meds refilled at the drive through at the Naval Hospital. Stopped by Burger King for Breakfast/Lunch before hitting WinCo for the few things I needed for the week. Stopped at what used to be “Cash & Carry” on the way home and checked out their prices for “stuff.” Bought some Chinese Restaurant paper bowl thingies to put leftovers in instead of using plastic containers all the time. Another experiment.

Does anyone else see where this is going to lead? Quote: Researchers in Japan have developed a vaccination strategy in mice that promotes the production of antibodies that can neutralize not only SARS-CoV-2 but a broad range of other coronaviruses as well. If successfully translated to humans, the approach, to be published today (October 8, 2021), in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, could lead to the development of a next-generation vaccine capable of preventing future coronavirus pandemics. Unquote.

How about “Let’s try this one next!” on the general population.

Heard a woman say she wanted her son to turn out just like Joe Biden. Got mad when I handed her a plastic bag and told her to tape it over her kids head for an hour and he’d turn out just like Ol’ Joe.


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