Got The New “Caravan” Home

Spent a goodly amount of time at Tacoma RV dealer getting our “walk around” and hook-up to the truck. Then we spent some bucks buying a few things in their shop (drainage hose, water hose (not the same hose!), toilet paper, stuff like that). Then the financing. Which was pretty painless. I added a couple of things (extended warranty and other programs) to get us over the $20k mark. My payments are about $30 higher than I wanted; but nothing I can’t adapt to.


Took off from there about 1800 and came straight home. Going around the house to park the Caravan was fairly easy, except, I cut one corner a bit too close and dug the step into the side of our back/side yard. Luckily it didn’t hurt the step; but did leave a lot of dirt on it. I’ve read that usually the first thing bent out of shape is the step so it was kind of nice to almost get that out of the way.

Was really tired when we got home so really didn’t feel like posting last night. Had a night of the strangest dreams that kept waking me up every couple of hours. Strange dreams. Just fookin’ strange.


Today has been fairly normal except for me getting out and parking the Caravan where I want it. Setting it up just like we’re out camping somewhere. Testing everything out. Everything works just fine. Leaving the power hooked up to it to keep the battery charged and the Furnace on really low “just in case” it gets really cold around here.


SWMBO is making her chicken proprikosh(?) for dinner mostly out of the Thrive stuff as practice for camping out. We plan to use mostly the Thrive stuff on any camping trips we go on. (It didn’t turn out that well. The (not Thrive) flour was just a bit too old.


And that’s about it. I have a headache just bad enough that I’m not going to run the Net tonight. Thinking about turning the tv off. Don’t really feel like reading though. Hurts the bridge of my nose to wear my glasses; and that usually means I’m going to get a worse headache. Not late enough right now to go to bed though. We’ll see.

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