We Get Entirely Too Much

News about “The Squad” or the latest Police killing (except if it’s the Police being killed) or what Mike Obama thinks but Not Enough about

Ellie May Clampett taking a bath.
Just my personal opinion.

Put “Eureka” on pause so I could finally get things done around the house. Got SWMBO’s quilt frame loaded in the truck and ready to go back to the church for tonight’s quilting thingie. Sweeping and swabbing done.

Turned a pork loin ($1.39/lb) into 20 fair thick pork chops and 2 pork roasts (big enough for two people). They’re all sucker-bagged and in the freezer.

Trip to the church and back.

Exciting shit here!

Been watching “Eureka” the past 3 days (or so) and it scares the hell out of me cause I haven’t remembered one thing from watching it before. I remember watching it, but can’t remember a thing. I used to remember everything. All the books I’ve ever read. All the movies I’ve ever seen. If it wasn’t important I’d remember it.

But not now. It’s like CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) hit me in the face and double barreled into my brain. I hate it.

Wait. What was I complaining about?

Why did I walk into the room?

My Venaseal procedure is tomorrow. Joy. Fun. If I react to the valium as I’ve always reacted to valium it’s gonna be a hoot. (My mouth has NO PC filter.)

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