Pretty Much An SSDD Wednesday.

Except I did manage to spend a couple of hours in the basement moving things around in my shop so we can make our Son a room to live in. Really want to get him out of the “common” area. It was fairly physical as I had to move a butt-ton of wood around, the saw out of the way then sweep up all the sawdust. Was kind of fun though. Man, I didn’t realize just how much “stuff” I have in the basement! Already thinking of how I can straighten/neaten it up after the room is built. I see… Floor to ceiling deep shelves along the new wall…


Other than that pretty much SSDD today. Sun was out quite a bit, and felt pretty good when I took a minute to just sit out; but the wind kept it too cool to really relax and enjoy the sun. Ah well. Summer is on the way.

Poster - Forbidden Planet

MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930. SWMBO is off to quilting at the church until 2130 or so. Depends on how much she gets to “shooting the breeze.”

Logan's Run

Read somewhere that Obamacare will give the Government full access to our bank accounts. Read somewhere else that the latest budget by NObama wants to cap the amount we can keep in our savings accounts. I don’t believe the Government should have access to either and they damned sure have no right to tell me how much I can save! This is one of those times the Government can kiss my old ass!

I can sometimes NOT believe I spent 20 years defending this country from enemies, both foreign & domestic, to see the Government we have today. I sometimes wish there were a way to take it all back. The Country, that is. I’m ready for the armed insurrection. Wish I knew how to get it started. I hate NObama and his Cadre with a passion.

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