Oh, Thursday.

Forgot: Yesterday we had a FA-18 circling Belfair (and going almost directly over our house) for about an hour. Got some really shaky video. Was cool but I wonder why. Haven’t seen anything in the news…


Thunder today but haven’t actually seen any lightning. Yet. It’s supposed to get worse later. Worse? Not to me. I enjoy thunder and lightning! I have unplugged the antenna’s from my radio though. Why take chances? We also have a flood watch for Mason County and surrounding area…

Really starting to like this Nexus 7 of mine! Especially when I go lay down to read, but don’t feel like reading (or going to sleep). I can check G+, FB, Tumblr, and Pinterest or watch stuff on YouTube. Or watch a movie on Netflix. Check mail. Read the latest Popular Science. Just a butt-ton of things.

Tricia Helfer (Number 6 on BSG) Wallpaper

It will never actually replace my desktop (neither would a laptop) but for what it does it does it well. Having the case on it makes for a tight fit but it will still fit in my back pocket. I’d love to “upgrade” to the latest one just for the new camera. I’d say about the only thing I don’t like about it is using the keyboard. Typing a message is slow for me (I can type 120-130 words a minute on a keyboard when I get warmed up).

Finally got down in the “shop” and built a base to lift the washer & dryer up about a foot or so to make it easier for this old man to get clothes in and out of them. Getting old is a bitch!

Still want that bacon and eggs?

It appears we’ve had quite a bit of thunder & lightning around us. One poor guy got struck by lightning while out riding his motorcycle! (That’s gotta suck!) Sat on the deck and listened to the thunder passing us to the south & west. Cool!

The lights have flickered a couple of times and even turned my tv/monitor off once so I’d better post this before we totally lose power.

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