Mostly A Sunny And Warm Day!

I mean it was a work/sit outside naked kind of day around here. Nice! So I spent as much time outside as I could. Finally got started on the garden. What little garden I’m going to have this year. Started putting up that pool I got from my friend (cause I’m hoping we’ll need/use it this Summer). Even mowed most of the Pet Yard. (Animal Poop Slinging Everywhere!)


Got all the MCARC Club Finances done for the meeting this Saturday. Had to connect to the Scan Computer printer again. Gave me a bit of problem until I found the right driver and installed it. This is the last time I’ll have to do the Treasurer thing though. They voted me Prez and AA7JK Treasurer. Cool.


Not much else going on. Sitting for awhile out in the warm sun today was the highlight. Time has about arrived for me to hit the rack. (Which means do my final check of Tumblr for the evening!)

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