Holy Crap! I’ve Been KF7LTT For Two Years This Month!

Wow. Where did the time go? Was I having that much fun? Yep! That Hobby has filled in many hours and, I believe, has helped to keep my mind “freshened”; what with building my own antenna’s and such. Running the Sunday MC-ARC 2-meter Rag Chew also. It has been fun making contacts all over and seeing how far my signal gets and remains understandable. Hope I can continue to do this for another 800 years! Rolling on the floor laughing

Everything else if pretty much SSDD. Just kidding

Had a meeting of the MC-ARC over in Shelton yesterday. Finances are all straight if not especially detailed. We’re thinking of combining the MC-ARC & NMARES web sites since we are, in effect, one club now. It really would make sense. I just can’t figure out what domain name we’d call it. Gotta keep it short and fairly simple so folks can remember the url. If you call it MC-ARC you leave out the NMARES people. Ditto for calling it NMARES. Hmmm. Maybe we should change the club name completely. Maybe something like: The Mason County Combined Amateur Radio Emergency Service Club? MCCARES? Sounds like something you’d order at the Golden Arches…

Personally, I’d just close down NMARES. When my Presidency comes up for renewal next May I’m just not going to accept the nomination. Two years is enough. Actually, the way I feel right now, three years of this “club” is enough. It would be different if they actually DID something; but it’s just a social club. Hell, “they” even voted to co-club with MC-ARC so they wouldn’t have to pay for insurance to do anything. Why not just disband NMARES and go totally MC-ARC?

We finally got the last of the glue that used to hold down the tile in the mother-in-law apt up. Man-o-Man, what a job. I’m too old to spend that much time on my knees! The other morning I tried scraping the floor just bent over at the waist but kept ‘re-eating’ my breakfast! Accidently sat down in a pool of goop and had to take a quick shower when my ass started burning!!!

But, we finally got that part of redoing the floor done. Next is a general clean-up and mopping. That should take a day. Then let it dry for a day. Then spread the sealant, etc etc. I’m sure you’re bored to tears right about now so I’ll skip the rest of the itinerary.

Had a young couple and their 2 kids come over and look at the apartment. Say they’ll let us know. Seemed like nice folks though. Don’t know how they’ll take to me and the dog taking off all our clothes and going for a walk on a nice sunny WARM day. Surprised smile

Just not much else going on. I keep getting older and SWMBO keeps getting better looking. She’s still looking for a job. I’m still looking for a part-time job! I’ll be digging a trench for a neighbor Monday or Tuesday and that’ll put me $100 closer to a Nexus 7. (I’ll only need another $200!!)

Y’all be sure to visit my Gallery; otherwise you’ll never know what you missed! I also updated my regular site with new links for finding me on Facebook, Google+ and some others.

Semper Fi!

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