Just To Show How OLD I Can Be

Yesterday morning I was SO out of it that I sat and drank about half a cup of Hot Sweet Water before I realized that I hadn’t put the damned K-cup in the Keurig before turning the thing on. The 2nd cup was WAY better!


Yesterday was Date Day and it went pretty much as it usually does. Which means spending time with my lovely-young-bride of 30+ years was the best part. The Chili Burger at Sister’s Restaurant was pretty good too. We spent way too much money at Walmart though. So much I gave SWMBO $20 out of pocket to pay for the 3 blu-ray movies I got.

Speaking of which: I finally started “redeeming” those on-line copies of the movies I buy. Wish I had done that with the first 20+ I’d bought. They (so far) play pretty good on my devices through Google Play.


Today was a really nice day. Easter Sunday too. Sunny. Almost a get naked and lay out day. Almost. So we spent a good deal of time outside. Started the garden by planting Peas, Lima Beans, Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflauer.

Made a nice little video of that stupid Dog trying to eat a bumble bee. (Funny!)

And, other than that, just the usual. Laundry is done. Dishes from the excellent dinner SWMBO made are done. MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Done with X-Plane for the night. About time to take my meds and hit the rack.


Oh, Yeah! The Doctor started up again. Nice. Wasn’t sure if I’d like the “new” companion, but she’s kinda growing on me. We’ll see. I still miss Amy & Rory & Clara (and River!) though. Ah well …

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