Yeah, Pretty Much SSDD. Again.

Damn! How many times have I used that “headline?” How many more times will I use it in the years to come? Could this be one of the reason’s people just click through my blog instead of delving into my in-depth presentation of my normal, every day, boring, life? Who cares! I’m not posting “for them” anyway!


My lovely, young, bride asked me the other day why I post here. My life is more extra ordinary instead of extraordinary.  I mean, the highlight of my day was making a run into town to the Vape Shop for some new atty’s. The Renter’s paying their rent for December. The Cold Turkey sandwich I had for a late lunch. (And will probably have for dinner. Someone needs to eat up all that left over turkey!)

But other than that I just plain could not say why I post here.  Maybe to share how most American’s really live (day to day)? To practice my writing skills? Doubtful. To make y’all as bored as I can be sometimes? Possibly. Doubtful though.


So, I’m just not going to worry on it. IF I was one of those that needs “followers,” someone hanging on every word I utter, people to tell me how “wonderful” I am, then this blog would be a constant bummer. Few “followers.” Very few comments. Few people that really care about my (boring) life beyond SWMBO and my dead parents. And it just doesn’t matter to me. Really.

I do this because I enjoy doing it. That’s all the reason I need.

Not much else going on. Went out and fixed my new antenna. COLD out there! Everything in the shade is still frosty. All free-standing water is free-standing ice. Sucks! I just plain out miss summer.


And that’s it again. I got to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing tonight; two trips to Bremerton in one day is enough. Almost time to take this old guy to bed.

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