Crats To The Left Of Me, Numnuts To The Right, But Here I Am, Stuck In The Middle With You

I’ve decided that when the RICH asswipes that are telling me what to do, where to go, which vehicle to drive there in, and how to live my life finally give away all their money and live on the same income I have to live on every month, I’m still going to ignore them. What a bunch of losers.

Was supposed to take my RV in for it’s first annual “Warranty Forever” checkup; but decided to pass on that. The last time I took my last RV in for same they told me “You need to re-caulk the roof before we give you a pass. We can do that for you for $200. And, pay the $150 for the annual Warranty Forever check on your way out please.”

So, it just seems to me that they “give” you a Warranty Forever, then REQUIRE annual check-ups where they charge you $150 (probably more now) to keep it in effect.

Nope. No money making scheme there.

Add to that the $100 it would have cost me to fill the truck with gas for the round trip to Fife. During rush hours. Both ways.

Just Not Happening Right Now.

The Freeze Drying is going well. That machine’s been in constant use since we got it. Now settling down to getting things done and in storage.

AND, running into how I’m going to store it & where problems. Especially since I don’t have enough of any 1 item to give it it’s own box on a shelf. You know: Peas, and only peas, In this box. Getting there; just not quite there.

So I need to get off my ass and gather the materials to make shelves in the basement and get the storage area together.

Had a guy from COSTCO heating over today to give us a guesstimate on putting a “mini-split” in the MILA. $7500 before taxes and rebates. About $5500 after both. BUT you have to pay the full amount THEN get your rebates. But we’re going to have it done anyway. Seems to be the most efficient “but not as costly as in floor heating” way to heat the MILA. But at least I’ll be able to get rid of those inefficient wall heaters. (I hate those things.)

Trip to Ohio is on hold until we see where gas prices are going. Too high and I’ll fly SWMBO out to visit her folks and me and the dog will just hang here. We’ve done it before.

Took SWMBO to breakfast this morning for date day. $45 for the two of us! $45! Basically for a breakfast I could have cooked at home. Same with Burger King yesterday on our running around. That was $21. For two whopper meals. $21! Looks like the only eating out I’m gonna be doing is at home.

But at least I know the cook.

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