That Went Well. Then I Opened My Mouth.

Was getting ready to leave to drive to Olympia to get my new Old Guy National Parks Forever pass and stopped in the bedroom to kiss SWMBO Adios.

She says “I won’t be here when you get back.”

I says “Well, my new girlfriend will have some mighty big shoes to fill.”

And she says “I’m going to Nita’s for the day to crochet and visit. And my feet aren’t that big.”

But she was still here when I got back (2+ hours later). “How can I miss you if you won’t leave?” asks I.

So, nice day today. Gotta be 55+ degrees out there. Almost a get naked day for the Northwest. Even saw some convertibles with their tops down on the way home from Shelton. (Still a mite too cool for me to roll the window down for long. Old Guy.) Pretty ride along the South Shore road though. Our portion of the Sound was looking pretty good.

Got out and dug up/pushed over one of the small tree’s lining my driveway so I can start to plant SWMBO’s rose bushes. Tired. Each main trunk of the tree was only about 6″ thick. I shouldn’t be this fagged. (Can we still say that? Does it still mean really tired out?) Danged roots were the hardest part. Hence the digging. In case y’all have never done that.

Shoveled up a lot of the pebbles in my front flower bed and stuffed it into the potholes in the driveway. I’m thinking Condo now; where I wouldn’t have to do that kind of stuff. (I could no more move into the “city” than I could convince SWMBO to move to Southern Arizona. Already my neighbors are too close and I can’t even see them half the time.)

Got some of the yard refuse burned. Love that smell. (Unless it’s the forest behind us on fire. Then I don’t. Ah, summer!)

Made some cabbage soup using chicken bone stock. Smells funny. Haven’t tasted it yet. I like trying new stuff, but, sometimes …

About half-way through book 4 of 5 of the “Long Earth” series. Man learns to step to alternate Earths. No other humans though. Could almost be boring but I do believe in the MultiVerse so it’s interesting to me. Yes, Aliens too. (Demons too if you’ve ever met my Ex-.)

A Quote From A Story On Fox News About Fauci (The Fake):

STEVE DEACE: Never has someone had more power in the history of this republic to be more wrong than Anthony Fauci. And Tucker, stop and think about it and everybody in your audience, everyone, every life, every home, every family, every school, every church, every business, all have had their lives impacted or turned upside down by someone they didn’t cast a single vote for. And yet we sit here and he has no accountability, a track record of failure over and over and over again. And in our book, we wanted to beg and ask some of the questions that are long overdue of one Anthony Fauci. 

We talk about the FOIA requests that Judicial Watch just successfully got in The Daily Caller from Fauci, his bureaucracy and back and forth communications with the Chinese government. But that’s just one of a myriad of bad questions. (On) February 28th [2020], Fauci wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine that when he analyzed the data for COVID-19, he thought it would just be about as bad as a pandemic level flu. And then 11 days later, he went to Congress and told everybody this is going to be Captain Trips and that’s what shut the country down.

If you look at the data now as we sit here today, the case fatality rate is 1.8%. The infection fatality rate, if you look at CDC, says we have ten times more cases than we’ve tested. That would put it at .18%. His original cautious and modest estimations have turned out to be true. So then why did he abandon those for the fear porn we’ve seen the past year? We must get answers to questions like that. What changed from what he wrote on February 28th and maybe the most esteemed publication, medical publication in the country to then what he told Congress, what changed those 11 days? Because it changed the fate of America. (End Quote)

Personally, I don’t know why y’all continue to listen to Fauci. Physician-scientist and immunologist who serves as the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) My ass. Just because he’s an immunologist doesn’t mean he knows anything about infectious diseases; even if he is the director. Next he’ll be selling snake oil on a corner.

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