Day Started Really Early Today

Feel like I didn’t get any rest last night. Which I wouldn’t doubt considering I just can’t get comfortable on that bed SWMBO bought. You’d think that almost 5 years down that road I’d have the “sleep number” that would do me the best. I don’t know if going back to a “wave-less” waterbed would help, but I’m ready to try. But, at least I didn’t wake with a headache! (That’s always good.)


Ride to/from the Ferry Landing went well, if wet. Truck wouldn’t pair with my phone; then realized I forgot my phone at home. Doh!

Started Doctor Who Number 11 over again. One thing I don’t understand from Doctor Who 205-Victory To The Daleks: Why should Amy have remembered the Daleks? Up to then there has been no indication that she’s ever seen them before.


Wow. Sun came out for awhile and it wasn’t too bad out. Everything’s still soaked, but the Dog and I had a nice walk around the back 40. Now my feet are soaked.

SWMBO had me stop at Burger King on the way home. Then Rite-Aid for her cat’s antibiotics. We bought a Omron BP cuff too. Been needing one. (Said my BP was 147/75 tonight. Not bad.)


And that’s pretty much it. Finished out the MCARC 10-meter Chat Net and starting to get ready to go to bed.

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