Basically, The FILA Is Done! Only Took A Little Over 3 Months.

Final inspection, paid the contractor, and his part is done. True, SWMBO and I spent a good part of the day “doing things” (painting doors and putting in grab bars and cabinet door knobs, but, basically, except for waiting on the counter tops to come in, it be done. My father-in-law could move in tomorrow if he’d a mind to.

Woo Woo. Gonna be kind of strange not to have the contractor or crew coming over almost every day. In other words; back to normal. I think I’ll get used to it fairly quickly.

At the meeting this morning I was pretty sure he’d (the contractor) do the numbers (he did) and tell us we owed another $10k or more. He surprised us with $1975 for “extra labor” charges (related to jack hammering the pad out to put the new zero entry shower in) and we were like “Hell, just round it up to $2k and call it good.” Yep, I like coming in $9k under bid but I really didn’t want him to feel cheated. So it worked out. Final total to the contractor: $53k.

Her Dad mentioned on the phone the other day that the pictures tell him that we spent a butt-ton of bucks on this remodel. Why, yes, yes we did.

Place looks GOOD though. We both think it’s been money well spent. SWMBO saved us a LOT of money with her shopping the cabinets and other things and getting great deals. She’s done good and been great through all this.

Stone guys came yesterday and put the bathroom vanity top and sink in. Looking good there too.

SWMBO bought a shit load of silver knobs for theĀ  cabinet doors and a shit load of pull bars for cabinet drawers and we got into putting those in part of today also. Need longer screws for the pull bars or we’re going to be taking all the drawer fronts apart to install the pull bars. Not happening. I’ll go get the longer screws tomorrow.

Having a bit of a time putting the new front door in. Finally got the hinges placed right and the door really closes tight, but, color me shocked, the pre-drilled holes for the lock and knob don’t match the holes already in the door frame from the old door. So I get to figure out how to do that (make new holes that do match) and fill in the old holes. If only I were a carpenter.

The joy. The absolute joy.

I’m so tired. I’m gonna go lay down and it’s only 2100.

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