Doctor Appointment @ Zero Dark Thirty

Or so it seemed to me this morning. Had to be at the Doc’s by 0745; which normally wouldn’t have been a big deal. Really wasn’t this morning, except I slept for shit last night and didn’t feel like getting out this morning. Ah well.


Appointment went well though. He upped my Blood Pressure medicine and changed the medicine that slows down my heart a bit. Said my Sleep Apnea results were borderline so he’s setting me up for the full blown sleep study at Madigan. That’ll be fun! He says I need to buy a “Omron” BP Cuff to replace the BP Cuff I have.


Got home and called the Pet Grooming place in Belfair for an appointment for the Dog and they said “Come right now.” So I grabbed the Dog and off we went. Dropped him off (pickup @ 1530) and went to the bank for the bucks to pay for this.

At the bank I talked with one of the girls about a loan for an R-Pod Travel Trailer. They can do Individual financing (phew) and a loan for $20k (approximately) should cost me $240/mo in payments (x 10 years). IF I have good credit. Which I do. (Or did before I started telling the truth about Obama.) Which is sort of a relief because I was thinking payments would be about $500/mo. So I could still pay “extra” every month to pay it off early if I wanted to; or would have enough left over for rent/food when SWMBO gets tired of my shit and kicks me out. Cool!


I can get “pre-approved” anytime and it would be good for 45 days; but I don’t want to start it now and be rushed into buying something I may not really want so I fall within that time frame for financing. AND maybe the dealer financing might offer a better deal. Not likely but I imagine they are desperate to sell. But, I’d rather get a loan at our bank and know that the loan was going to stay there.

So, now to start looking for R-Pod 177’s to go on sale.

I picked SWMBO up this evening at the Ferry Landing. We’ve been discussing construction plans for the house for the past couple of hours or so. Bed time now.

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