I May Go For Safeway Deli Tonight


This one picture says more than enough about my feelings for Windows 10. And Microsoft. I switched to Linux Mint and I have been way more satisfied than I ever was with Windows in any flavor. Sure, I used Windows for years; but I think I was waiting until Linux “grew up” and got to be a full fledged operating system.

Oh, unfortunately, there are two or three programs that I still need to keep a VM of Windows 7 around for. Once someone gets off their duffs and ports Windows Live Writer and VideoMach(ine) over to Linux I’ll even be able to get rid of that. I’m pretty sure that will happen one day. Honestly, most times I can’t tell I’m not in Windows.


And I wouldn’t mind if Flight Simulator X worked in Linux. X-Plane is cool, but, I have a lot of time, effort, and money tied up in FSX. Wish I could port my planes over to X-Plane. Ah well.

Not a whole lot going on today. Made a trip to the Vape Shop in Bremerton for a new iLeaf battery thingie. Nice ride. Netflix came in. Took the Dog for a walk between the raindrops. The usual chores. Working on a piwigo gallery of SWMBO (some really early pictures). Resident Evil marathon going on in the background.


Safeway Deli. Well, SWMBO is making a trip to the Temple and won’t be home until really late. I don’t feel like cooking. Safeway Deli is 5 minutes away. Sounds Good!

Which it wasn’t. I’ll never get one of those oriental dinners for one again. It was filling; but didn’t taste worth crap. Maybe I needed BBQ sauce on that chicken?

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