Anyone Want To Buy A Bunch Of Laser Discs? And Player?

Note To Television Ad Folks: Showing me how much resolution your tv has over mine, on my tv, is wasted effort. Stop and think about it; I’m not going to see it. Just thought y’all ought to know.


Not a whole lot going on today. Dump run for plastics. (Dropping off. Not picking up. Nevermind.) Post Office to mail off an order for a new 146/440 antenna and pick up a Thrive order UPS was too lazy to deliver.

All while it’s raining, of course. In the past couple of weeks we’ve exceeded our Annual Average and have begun working on next year’s. I’m still expecting it to really snow sometime in the next month. A good snow. Something to stop traffic around here. (Which, honestly, would be only 1/2 an inch or so.)


Gathering all my old electronics to donate to Goodwill or Faith In Action. Lot’s of computer stuff I’ll never use (don’t know why I saved it in the first place). Couple of old 8” tv’s. Not sure what to do with my Laser Disc Player and collection of Laser Discs. (Several Thousand Dollars worth that I haven’t watched in 8-9 years or so. There’s no way I’ll ever recoup that money. And I sold my collectors copy of “Who Shot Roger Rabbit” that showed Jessica Rabbit sans underwear before I learned what it was worth.)

Big Ass Spider!

Yeah, that’s me: If I bought a movie on VHS I probably bought it on Laser Disc and then on DVD. Now I’m replacing everything on Blue Ray when I can. (Although I do look for the bargains.) All in the never-ending quest for better resolution and sound. But I do convert from .mkv to .mp4 to save space on our NAS. But the quality doesn’t seem to suffer much. Did the same with audio: 8-track to cassette to cd’s to .mp3.

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went really well with 12 check-ins. And I managed to talk to the guys on the 900MHz Net earlier. Cool!

Think I’ll go make some Jigglers before I hit the rack.

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