Headline Said: “Use Our Telescope To See Things Near!” And I’m Thinking …

I don’t need a telescope to see things near. I need a telescope to see things that are far.

But maybe that’s just me. And don’t even get me started about having two pair of glasses: One to see things near, and one to see things far …

There Is Absolutely Nothing Going On Around Here!

Wx has been windy with the pinnacle of windy last (Friday?). Great gusts with wind howling around the house. Lost two (2) old trees out on the back 40.

Garden doing good. Started picking radishes today. First time growing radishes. There are more grapes (teeny tiny green) on the grape plant (where else?) this year than all previous. About the same with the blue berries. (I gotta get some chicken wire to keep the birds off both1)

Finally getting all the old cabinets from the MILA and some other “stuff” onto the utility trailer to take to Habitat and let them keep what they want. The rest will go straight to the dump.

Crap! I’m getting old. Loading that trailer ain’t as easy as it used to be.

Preparations for ARRL Field Day begins tomorrow.

What do you call a lesbian on fire? An LGBBQ.

Stopped by Haselwood to get set up for an oil change and tune-up. Truck’s started making that ‘bump’ thing going uphill like one of the spark plugs is fouled. Probably.

The guy looked me in the face and told me labor would be $599. For a tune-up. Nope. Not happening. Pretty sure I can look up the specs and change a spark plug still.

Then I asked how many pre-paid oil changes I had left and wanted to use one. He never did give me a number but DID tell me that they all expire in July. Excuse me? If I paid for the things how can they expire? Sounds like one of the Managers and I will be having a conversation next Saturday when my oil’s getting changed. Then they can read my review of Haselwood on Yelp.

Crap! Just realized I need to change that appointment unless I want to miss Field Day.

And should probably register the RV since I’ll be getting it on the road for Field Day also….

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Starlink Died. No Internet For 5 days. It Was The End Of The Fookin’ World!

Well, I guess part of that is a lie. We could only get Internet on our phones. I live 3 miles outside town on the edge of a forest where we usually get only 1/2 bar. IF we’re lucky. So, even though I can see e-mail on my phone, answering an e-mail takes so long the thing times out. So, yes, basically 5 days without Internet.

OMG, it was rough!

SWMBO kept wanting to ‘talk’ to me.


Starlink was pretty good about shooting us a replacement cable fairly quickly and that fixed the problem. Now I get to climb back on the roof and put the antenna back up. OR I could just leave it on the deck railing (since it’s working there as we speak). The two climbs I made to the roof the other day proved to me that I’m not as comfortable being up there as I once was. At least not until my left leg gets a bit stronger.

SWMBO keeps telling me I’m almost 72 (believe me, I know!) and should maybe hire someone to do my climbing …

Wx the past week has been windy or rainy or windy and raining. Today its sunny, 65 degrees, and nice so I got out and mowed the lower front and back yards. Weed whacked. About to move some boards from under the deck to get them out of the way.

New plastic decking came in. Home Depot driver bitched about not being able to back his semi down the driveway/hill and he had trouble navigating those 22 16ft “boards” to the lower driveway with his forklift thingie. Said something about we should have requested a ‘short bed’ truck; an option that was never mentioned to us when we bought the things. All in all an unpleasant individual.

Anywho, gotta get on those boards. Will catch up more later.

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Dog Took A Dump While On Our Walk And Had A String Hanging Out Of His Butt…

Really. He had a turd hanging on that he just could not dislodge so I picked up a stick to help and knocked the turd off, but, he had a string hanging out his butt.

SWMBO wanted me to pull it out but I refused. She wanted to know “Why?”

Told her that one of two things would probably happen: 1) He’d either start talking to me like those dolls do, or 2) he’d explode like one of those party poppers.

I wanted no part of either.

Luckily he did pass the rest of the string on his next poop a few minutes later.

Not  a lot going on around here. Big wind a couple of days ago and we lost another tree out back. Totally ripped up the tarp on the RV. Lots of rain the past few days also. Absolutely no chance to fly that Phantom 3 drone my friend sent me. Got garbage burned though.

Garden is doing great for it not really being the right weather to grow. Yard(s) are going crazy and already need mowing again.

Got on 10 meters for the first time in a couple of years and had fun. I *need* to do that more often.

Spending WAY too much time on Youtube. ChatGPt-4o is starting to interest me. Wonder if it can give directions when driving? Or maybe just keep you awake when driving? And, being a fan, can I name my little corner of ChatGPT-4o”Mother?”

The cost setup still confuses me though. Sure, the “free” part is easy to understand; but the not-free part isn’t.

So, still living. Bored. Sick of Winter. Gimpy. Old. Conservative to the point of being Libertarian. You know: everything not liked by society today.

Oh, our bear visited again …

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My Mind Is Like A Steel Trap! Left Out In The Wx & Rusted All To Hell

Been meaning to post all the awesome things that have been happening around here; but forget when it’s time to actually sit down and do it. Then I’ll spend half my sleeping night (as rare as those are) mentally composing a post only to forget it by the time I finally get up in the morning.

Just getting old. Which beats the alternative.

Let’s see, awesome thing 1: Got to see some of the aurora Friday night/Saturday morning. Wasn’t like the video’s you can see on Youtube; just kinda sorta barely there shifting colors across the overhead sky. Hadn’t taken any new drugs and my blood O2 levels were at 97% so I’m assuming what SWMBO and I saw was real even if it was zero dark thirty. So, Cool!

Awesome thing 2: Got a bunch of bell peppers on sale at the local produce stand and while I was chopping them up to freeze dry I wasn’t paying attention to where my left little finger was and sliced the tip off. Of my finger. Ouch. Right through the nail too. Bled like the proverbial stuck pig and throbbed for two days.

But I do keep a sharp knife.

Awesome thing 3: My peas have sprouted! And most of everything else I’ve planted.

Leg is getting over shoveling that ton of dirt/compost mix the other week. Wx has been nice enough the past couple of days to get out on the tractor and do some work around the property. Scraped the driveways (I really need a land plane!).

SWMBO and I bought a couple of Adirondack type double benches at Home Depot to sit out around the property cause we’re getting to the point of needing a place to sit partway through our walks. Nothing like getting older. (They could use these types of benches at the end of every other aisle in Walmart and WinCo too. For the same reasons.)

Making progress on turning my garage into a small wood shop. Mostly meaning I’ve moved things around so it looks like I’ve made progress because there’s a clean spot where there wasn’t a clean spot before. Don’t tell SWMBO though.

And, of course, the most awesome thing of all is: not only do I continue to wake up every morning, but, I continue to wake up next to SWMBO every morning.

That will never not be awesome.

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