SWMBO’s Happier Today! (Good Thing!)

It’s a whole lot cooler today than yesterday. By about 15 degree’s. Which made SWMBO happier. Everyone knows: Happy SWMBO, Happy Me. (But I like it warmer!)


But just not much going on. Took the dog for a couple of walks. Laundry. Dishes. Chili Dogs & Bakes for dinner. Little bit of MSFSX. Yeah, the usual. I did attach the other coax to my 6btv antenna and it’s working great. No SWR at all!


SWMBO made a trip to Joann’s Fabric in Port Orchard for “schtuff.” Then to the Naval Hospital to get us signed up for Tri-Care (Standard). (So much for “Free Medical For The Rest Of Your Life” for serving 20+ years in the military. But don’t get me started!) Stopped at Lowe’s for electrical tie’s. (She’s Awesome!)

MCARC 10-meter chat net @ 1930. Seemed to go well even though I could really hear only AE7GC well enough to tell what he was saying. I think I live in an electromagnetic hole even though I live on a hill. I really think something at the dump pumps out the noise that interferes with my reception so much. Will check it out.

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