Starting This Kinda Late Tonight

Not that I’ve been busy or anything. Just lazy. All Day Lazy.

But it was raining again so I didn’t get outside for more than burning trash. Made a run to the mailbox. Another run to Safeway cause I felt like making taco’s for dinner. They was yummy. Good thing they was easy to make.


Marathoned the first 10 episodes of “Burn Notice” yesterday and today. Not bad. I’ll add the other seasons to my Netflix. Not today. Being lazy.


Been playing with making “books” of articles on Wikipedia. Cool. Can’t get it to “print” any tables in the downloaded .pdf file though. And they got rid of epub format. That sucks. I like the epub format; I can convert it to anything I need. Hard to convert .pdf to anything else that’ll continue to look okay.


Anywho, my old ass is sore from all the sitting I’ve done today. Think I’ll go to bed 15 minutes early tonight. Gotta take my blood pressure first though. I don’t think my medication is working as it should be. Would hate to have a blowout in my pea brain.

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