It Rained All Danged Day!

What a bummer after the last week or so we’ve had. But, SWMBO, The Dog and I got out for a walk anyway. Was just sprinkling a bit when we took off and was raining long before we got back. Still a pleasure to go walking with her though! Stopping and kissing her in the rain is sort of like that scene in the first “Spiderman”  movie. Naw, not really. I’m too old to get my ass that far over my head anymore…


AND I’ve caught a damned cough from somewhere. Kind of tickles way down and I cough. Forcefully. Hope the Robitussen helps.

Rita Hayworth

Other than that just not much going on. Straightened up a bit. Made meat loaf, spinach, and taters for dinner. Tried a couple of Drone flights INSIDE but kept crashing. Seems I need a lot of room when I get behind the controls! Smile

Have a scene rendering in Vue7 that I’ve been playing with. Learned some new things when checking Vue out on YouTube. Playing with mixing my own textures for Terrain and whatever. It’s fun! Dang 15 second video has been rendering over 3 hours with another 2 hours to go! I NEED a faster computer!

Dinner was pretty good!

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