I Know! I Know! Been Feeling Poorly.

tumblrAnd have thought many times  that I need (need!) to get off my lazy old ass and post; but haven’t felt like it. The last couple of days I’ve had headaches from the Wx changes. A real migraine Monday that lasted most of the day.

And I’m depressed over our Renter being a complete dick about moving out. Which she hasn’t really even started. A bit here and there but no real effort to GTFO. And that’s just what I want her to do too: GTFO. He ex-boyfriend was totally right about what she’d be like once she didn’t “need” me to testify for her. And she is totally living up to it. I’m invoking that “abandonment” clause this coming Monday if she’s not out of the MILA. Then get a collection agency to go after 4 months of rent and electric (which will get it on her credit report). I may even contact her ex- and let him know that I saw an awful lot of his stuff in there. (Maybe he would want it and go to the police to get it back.) All I know is that I want her gone and I wish she’d make it easy for all of us. But she won’t. Fuck.


She’s also disappeared from Facebook and hasn’t answered any of my texts. So I called her today and got a text back that said “Please quit calling me at work. I have work to do.” At least I know the number is still good. That’s something to give the Sheriff for when they get to deliver another Eviction notice. (I remember when we texted back and forth quite a bit even though she was “at work and had work to do.” What changed? She doesn’t “need” me anymore.)

Otherwise, just nothing going on. Bought “Aquaman” the other day and we watched it on the big tv and liked it. Our date last Saturday was good; as usual. I do enjoy spending time with her.

Universe Sandbox ² - 20170116-134403

Trying to get things done around the house but not having that much luck with these Wx change headaches. Tried getting up the 12ft ladder to find the joists to mount those light we got for SWMBO’s room, and got kind of woozy so quit doing that. Don’t want to fall at all but really don’t want to fall while home alone! Still need to turn off the electric to my room to get the new light in. Tomorrow. Probably.

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