Thursday. Again. Didn’t We Do This Last Week?

The AirCar: weighs approximately 2,425 lbs and can lift an extra 440 lbs. It has completed over 40 hours of test flights and it is near production. (Over 40 whole hours of test flights! My goodness! Let’s jump right in and trust our lives to over 40 hours of testing. It’ll be okay. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?)

Among the 8-10 Liberals polled: Trump Ranks Among Worst Ex-Presidents in US History As Obama Makes Top 10. (Picture me surprised. Who’da thunk?)

Speaking of that POS: Former President Barack Obama says “we should all be worried” by the speed in which misinformation has increased. (I can’t even comment on that.)

House Passes Bill To Take Down Confederate Statues in US Capitol. (Because: History.)

I’m thinking: At least the Democrats haven’t ever invented time travel. If they had then there would be no history to go back and correct. So we’re stuck with assholes trying to change the past in the present by making it disappear. Think I’ll bury a stack of History Books that’ll be “found” a hundred years from now to remind those folks of the rich, varied, violent, but real history of their country. Sure, the history books of my youth weren’t all “inclusive,” but at least they told most of what really happened. Not this fairy tale foo-foo history Liberals want you to believe in today.

Hey, folks: You can’t change the past. You just can’t. It happened. In every version of your timeline, it happened. You can only change the future. Wiping your history clean ONLY makes the mistakes repeatable cause no one remembers not to make them. It’s like: once you learn not to touch the fire, do you really want to forget that lesson and have to re-learn it some other day?

How do I know they never invented time travel? Would they be in a snit about Slavery now if they had? Would there even be a Confederacy to build statues? Would there be pyramids? (Think about it. Probably built by slaves.) So, no, they never invent time travel.

Yes, Juneteenth should have been a holiday from the beginning. But even Black folks ignored it Nationally until it became politically correct and a political issue. Democrats: doing all they can to keep POC on the plantation.

I really like my Galaxy Tab A tablet. Use it a lot (can’t imagine trying to “take a dump” without it) and always take it with me on trips (4G you know). BUT, I want a tablet that I have complete control over and no one else can add things to/take things off unless I give them permission. Example: Samsung has changed my screens and added this “SEE” crap that I’m not interested in, have no use for, but am unable to get rid of. It’s just taking up valuable real estate on my “drive” and RAM. But because I got it (the tablet) “free” and pay only $10/mo to add it to our data plan, I have no rights where that is concerned. And I hate those pre-loaded apps that you cannot uninstall. Never use them and even if you disable them they’re still there taking up space.

Ok, I admit I was weak and caved to the “” pressure to “upgrade” my membership plan. Did the 2 years for $30 plan so I don’t have to think about it again for awhile. Got to see the 181 folks that have visited my profile over the past 10 years (no one I remember except for one) and, finally, SEE the messages that have been left for me. (One reunion announcement and one from an old girlfriend saying hi.) Our 50th reunion is this year. In Yuma. Go, Crims!

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