Make Up My Mind, Uncle Joe!

First you tell me that we don’t need to wear masks outdoors. Then you proclaim “Wearing a Mask is a Patriotic Responsibility (for God’s sake).” So, which is it? And, just for the record: Anyone who wears a mask outdoors while by themselves (or not actually hugging someone) should qualify for the Darwin Award. I see people out walking/hiking/biking by themselves wearing a mask and I want to stop the truck and bitch slap some sense into them. Not that it would do any good.

Patriotic Responsibility. Y’all mean like it’s your patriotic responsibility to follow the Constitution and laws of our land? Patriotic Responsibility like America First? As a Service Member it was my Patriotic Responsibility to keep American’s (and America) safe from foreign invasion; when did that change? I, as a lowly E-6 Hospital Corpsman, did that better than the HMFIC in DC is doing now. Biden (or any Liberal) doesn’t get to lecture us on Patriotic Responsibility.

I’m beginning to think Harris would be a better President. At least she’s willing to give a blow job to get what she wants.

Not a whole lot going on around here. Had the Venaseal on my right leg done yesterday and it (the leg) already feels way better on our walks today. Doc did a good job except her “We’re gonna get you numbed up” really didn’t. But the Valium kicked in about then so I didn’t care! (Mostly.) Which is why they have you take it. But I’d make one lousy druggie cause that “after Valium” come down headache blase lethargy crap just plain sucks. Napped a bit after getting home to try and miss some of that.

Then SWMBO took me to dinner at Denny’s over in Bremerton. Man, we hadn’t been to Denny’s in a long time! Long time! But the turkey club & fries I had were pretty good and she ate every bit of whatever sandwich she had. (And, no, I really didn’t pay attention.) Kinda spendy ($40) for a couple of sandwiches but I sure enjoyed the company.

Think I’ll go watch a movie.

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