Ought To Get Caught Up!

Didn’t post yesterday cause my friend from Pennsylvania did show up around 1330 or so and I got busy with that. Sat around and talked awhile then took them to the Bremerton Waterfront to walk around and see the USS Turner Joy from the dock. Was fun. After picking SWMBO up and getting home we just sat around talking until about 2330 or so. I was tired as hell and his daughter was bored as hell. Sorry, but I’m not set up to entertain 15 year old girls anymore.


They got up, ate, showered, and took off about 1100. Nice visit but my friend can talk your brain into jelly! Nice guy though.

Been showing the MILA to prospective renters the rest of the day. First couple seem nice enough and didn’t bat an eye when I told them that if they went into my back yard on a nice day (like today) they would probably run into that old, fat, naked guy that is solar powered. Point in their favor! (Most people don’t know how to react to “social” nudity. Any nudity is BAD. Especially in the privacy of your own back yard!) And they Vape!

Couple of more folks stopping by then it’s off to pick SWMBO up. We’ll see how things develop the rest of the week. (Saturday will be the cut off date. We got a LOT of replies to this posting.)

In a quandary about how to choose who gets to rent though. I really want to be fair; but I really want to do a back ground check on every “applicant” also. About the only thing that would put someone out of the running, for me, would be recent run-ins with the law or drug charges. Other than that I really want someone that likes being quiet. I’m leaning towards putting everyone’s name in a hat and pulling out the “lucky winner” if there is one. I did like these first people, but, I went with my first “liking” of the last renters also and we know how that turned out. What to do?…


Ok. Home with SWMBO. Tired from waiting then showing the MILA. Think I’ll just chill for awhile then hit the rack. Still up in the air about what to do. I liked everyone I talked to today.

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