Just Messing Around

image See. I used to have dark hair. Hell, I used to have Hair. 1982 or so…

FINALLY finished the molding and re-installing the toilet in the MIL Apt yesterday. Will get down there today and finish installing the new ceiling fan. Then we need to clean and put the stove & fridge back in. Field Day then put a “for rent” ad up on Craig’s List. Not a bad deal for $750/mo.
Should have that done today.

Been kind of lazy this morning. Haven’t even checked out the job sites I usually check in the mornings. Think I might just skip it today, get some cereal and watch the latest CSI.

Can’t really do anything outside as it is raining like crazy! Seems a “pineapple express” is really moving in today. Gonna rain all week. Crap!

SWMBO is going to take me out to eat sometime today. Hmmm. Maybe I ought to wait on breakfast just in case she wants to go out early. She just celebrated her 53rd birthday; but she really doesn’t seem that old to me. She’s still a SYT! Be right back

Still can’t get our Son’s computer nor my laptop to see the Movie Drive even though both can access the TV Drive easily. Every setting is the exact same on both NAS’ except the TCP/IP addresses are one-off. All the computers in the house are using the correct range of tcp/ip addresses and subnet masks. All can access the tv drive. It’s driving me nuts!

Been sorting all the pictures I scanned into the correct directories and editing the photo’s as required. That little portable scanner we got has worked out great. It will handle only the small pictures but that’s okay. I don’t have many pictures over 4×6” anyway. Still have the regular desktop scanner for the larger pictures anyway.

Updated my Navy duty stations on “Together We Served” the other day. Nice site. Wish I could afford to join. Smile with tongue out

Anywho, y’all have a nice day.

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