I’m Staying In This Weekend!

Lot’s of rain and wind moving in for the weekend. So I’m staying in.


Except for our usual Saturday date. I’ll brave the elements for that. Wx would have to be pretty terrible for me to miss spending time with my schweetie.

Our 28th Anniversary is Saturday also and I still haven’t gotten her anything. She may be stuck unwrapping me for her anniversary present. (Woo Woo!) Or I may just take her someplace “fancy” for dinner.


Not much going on around here. Trip to the Naval Hospital to pick SWMBO’s meds up. That took only a couple of hours! Then a trip to the Post Office to pick up our Thrive order. Built a thing to hold my computer under the new countertop but I’m letting it sit empty for now to give it a test; will I learn not to knock it around with my right knee? When I get that worked out I’ll probably build a “prettier” one.

And that is it for this Thursday.

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