Indigilumbus Day! Fookin’ Nimrods.

Y’all do realize that I’m probably posting more ’cause SWMBO ain’t around to grab my attention? Poor You. 😛

Watched this movie on YouTube and rather enjoyed it. Russian (who are BIG on the great Patriotic War) dubbed in English (Well, more American than English but don’t get me started). The movie was pretty good (spoiler alert!) until they got to the German’s surrender scene and the very last scene with Hitler at the fireplace. I wouldn’t have included either of those. Personally. Although, reading the reviews at IMDB, folks did like those scenes.

Another good Russian tank movie was “T-34.” Bought the Blu-ray at Walmart. Was totally worth the $24 (if I remember right).

$24 for a movie! Yep, about what it’d cost for me and SWMBO to drive to the Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor (the only theater I go to anymore) to watch a movie. I have a 65″ TV/Monitor with Sound Bar & Blu-ray attached and I can hit pause and go piss in my own bathroom when I need to. . SWMBO and I try to synchronize bladders too. But not in the same bathroom at the same time. Nevermind. (Too much information, Dude!)

And these days I don’t mind waiting until a movie I want to see comes out on Blu-ray. Totally worth not having to put up with talky people or their loud fuckin’ kids. Why people don’t take their kids out in the hall so the rest of us can enjoy the movie …? Dipshidiots.

I mentioned American vs English. When I made the WESTPAC on the USS Turner Joy (DD-951) (Holy shit! Back in 83) we stopped in Kagoshima, Japan. Out just walking around with a shipmate, a guy offered to buy us dinner if we’d let him practice his American. Said there was a distinct difference between American and (British) English. So, we got fed to teach a Japanese guy “Ain’t no thing!”

Heard it said that the English used to talk just about like we do today. Well, like we do in the northeastern states. But the Rich wanted to be considered “better/different” so they started talking how everyone there talks today. The poor started copying the rich in speech and manner and that’s why they are today. Don’t know if that’s true or not; but it sounds like it could be.

Legs feel better this morning. Dog and I got out on our usual walk and I did pretty good going up the hill this time. Cool. I like it when I do things with the ease I did those things 20 years ago! Rare occurrence these days.

Set up the camp stove and tried seasoning my wok again. Heat until it changes color (done), spread some oil all over the inside and heat until it changes color again (done), cook some chopped up veggies in it (done). All seemed to work well until I tried stir frying some left over pork strips (from my stir fry the other night). It seemed to stick a bit. This wok might be okay for stir fry but not sure I’d actually cook the eggs in it. So my stir fry might be a two skillet meal. Sucks. Maybe I ought to buy an already seasoned wok? I’ll experiment with it more though.

“Don’t worry, relax, have another glass of wine. It’s only cooking.” Chef Jean Pierre

SWMBO called. Her ABG (arterial blood gas) test today was 70. That’s not good. Her last one was 104. So they upped her O2 again. Crap. I know we must expect set backs, but, damn. So I’m trying to up her spirits to continue working on getting better enough to come home and not get discouraged. Then I gotta work on my spirits. As a life long sufferer of depression, it’s a good thing I know about self talk.


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