Just Not A Lot Happening Around Here

butt01bNice and HOT the past couple of days. Really really nice (for me). Me and the Dog did what we do yesterday after mail run and have stayed that way, except for mail run today, since. I think we really need to live “down south” someplace. There are “colonies” for people like me; I think mine would be on the Moon. (With any kind of luck!)

Unfortunately, our Cooler has gone offline and won’t do anything except grunt at me every once-in-awhile. No cooling and little fan. Tried calling the HVAC place but they were busy. Took a message and told me they’d call back. They haven’t. So tomorrow I’ll call one of their competitors. Already have their numbers written down.

SWMBO is home and trying to chill. It’s gotten a LOT cooler since the Sun went behind the trees.

And I’m rambling. I hate when I do that.

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