I Will Not Say SSDD Sunday! I Won’t.

But, it was. Glad to say. Nice, Hot, Sunny Day. I spent a lot of time outside. SWMBO and I shared making dinner; I grilled Pork Ribs and she made everything else. (Cauliflower & some baked beans.) And she made me some cheesecake in ice cream cone thingies that were good too.


Just not a lot going on; which is how Sunday should be. Been flying around in MSFSX. Helo’s don’t do barrel rolls very well. Kinda Sorta listening to Neil DeGrasse Tyson lecturing on My Favorite Universe (a course I got from The Learning Company). Getting my regular Sunday chores done.


Friends came over and took the rhubarb plants (and that fake lettuce: kale). If the Dog hadn’t barked at them driving up they’d have found me naked. Call First if you’re coming over! Usually if you just show up you get what you get.

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Even had a new check-in from Brown’s Point! Cool! Lot’s of complaints about the Heat lately.


And that really is about it. Pretty normal Sunday around here. Finally starting to cool off some. SWMBO is downstairs with the Sister Missionaries. I’m going to just chill and read a bit before bedtime. Gotta make a trip to Fife and Traffic Court tomorrow.

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