This Is A Test. For The Next 60 Seconds…

Well, okay. I started out installing and trying to set up a bunch of plugins for this Windows Live Writer. Half of them have crashed the program and the other half really don’t seem to be worth anything. I do kind of like this one (insert polaroid) that inserts a tilted picture. (This is my Dad making the rest of my life a living HELL by trying to train my ears to stick out even further than they would have normally.)

I do kind of like the Wikipedia plugin as I can write, say, PSK31, highlight it then insert a Wikipedia link. It will look up the closest entry on Wikipedia that it can find and put in a link. Of course, IF I’m smart, I’ll check the link before I publish.

The “I’m Feeling Lucky” plugin lets me put in, say, Ham Radio, highlight it and insert the “I’m Feeling Lucky” plugin and it generates a link. Of course, I have to check the link before publishing. This time it generated a link to HRO and the Yaesu 857D (which is the very radio I have) so that’s pretty cool.

The “Cool Emotion”, “Tag Generator” and all the Twitter plugins just crash the Live Writer. I’ll try the other plugins later.

Still not much going on. About to go lay down and read awhile.

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