Climbed On A Roof Today.

Hell. Might as well start off with the same subject I’ve started off with the last couple of days. Got to sleep much quicker last night. The only meds I took yesterday was my half-aspirin. Heart was nice and quiet and I only noticed a couple of pauses. Didn’t notice any of that quivering feeling at all. I’m being led to the conclusion that my BP meds are causing some of the problems. Will let my Doctor know and won’t bore y’all with it anymore. Aren’t you glad?


Other than that the day has started off rather normally. Maybe even more normally than usual. Well, except for my neighbor taking me to the auto parts store so I could buy a new battery. $125! Damn! What happened to $40 and we keep your old one? But the truck started right up when I installed it. Glad that was the only problem.

One of the OLD Hams in Shelton called and said he had a bunch of stuff to give away for FREE but it had to be picked up right now. So I went and picked it up right now. Good thing my truck is working again. Got a bunch of stuff: A 6-element antenna of some kind. Lots of fiberglass poles. A shitload of wire. Some electronics. A high pass filter. Some other electronics and a FT-51R handheld that I have no idea if it works or not. (But probably not.) Anyway, that’s where the climbing on the roof comes in. Had to climb up there to dismount the antenna. What fun!


My lovely young bride of almost 30 years stayed over in Seattle to have dinner with some of her co-workers to celebrate some of them getting full time jobs. She should be in around 1945 (as she just texted me she’s on the ferry).

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