If Critical Race Theory Doesn’t Exist, Why Are Liberals Getting Bent Out Of Shape That It’ll Be Banned?

Remember How Social Security Was Doing Okay Until Government Started Taking The Money?

Now it could be “insolvent” by 2033 with “benefits” being reduced by 2026. Benefits. Seems I worked my ass off and was forced to pay into Social Security under pain of prosecution and prison time for those “benefits.” Figures though. Government couldn’t stand seeing all that money just laying there not doing anything (except what it was put there for), so they took it. Oh, Borrowed it. With no intention of ever paying it back.

Taken By SWMBO's Uncle early          1950'sSo, Social Security (isn’t) and “Free Medical For The Rest Of Your Life” were just two big lies by our Government.

And now it wouldn’t even be worth moving to Australia. That’s fucked up.

Rain today. Again. So me and the Dog pretty much stayed inside. Again. Did re-start scanning all my Uncle’s pictures. Got 2 more of the Photo Albums done with 1 more in the works. Only 2 left on the shelf! Woo Woo!

Also finished re-setting up that Linux computer I put together. Everything’s working just right. Have to find a way to make a image of the drive now. Booting into a live disc and using “Discs” didn’t really work; the image would have been the same size as the whole partition even though only 8% of the space is used. (Hope y’all understood that.) Maybe I can find AcronisĀ  or Clonezilla.

SWMBO called this morning to tell me her ABG was 97 this AM. Nice! They lowered her to 15 liters an hour. Way Cool! If she keeps this up she could be home by Friday next week. I’m all for that!

Think I’ll save this until tomorrow. Just realized how boring it is. And short.

Today will be Tangerine Dream appreciation day. I have only 7 of their albums, but, enjoy each of them. Started out with Roger Waters “Amused To Death” to Jeff Wayne‘s “War of the Worlds” to Tangerine Dream. But got the urge to finish off with Quicksilver Messenger Service “Happy Trails” where you should ALWAYS play “Calvary” at full blast. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m so sick of being in this house I decided to get out and go to St. Vinnies and the dollar store in Port Orchard. Need some blank cd’s too.

So I did. Walked into Walmarche, found CD’s, paid for CD’s, walked out. Man Shopping To The Max! Funny, a 10-pk of blank cd’s was $9 OR I could get 100-pk (same brand) for $17. Guess which I got? (Yes. The 100-pk. Don’t know when/if I’ll use them all since my truck doesn’t even have a cd-player. Will be nice for “just in case” though.)

Stopped by St. Vinnies but they didn’t really have anything I was interested in. This time. Stopped at the $Dollar Store but they didn’t have the containers I was looking for. Shoot. They usually have a butt-ton of the things. Still managed to spend $8 though. Found the Apple smelling shampoo SWMBO and I like and stocked up. Come On Zombie Apocalypse!

Got home and made some of that fat-fighting cabbage soup. Then “canned” 10 pints of it cause there was no way I was eating all that soup at once. Or even at several. All the tops popped. Cool!

SWMBO is down to 12 liters. If she stays there we can get an O2 machine that’ll put out 97% O2 @ 15 liters. It’s about $900 but she’s worth it. Mostly. Okay. Totally.

Made a Clonezilla boot disc and backed up that Linux Scanner PC so now I can fuck it up and rebuild it in the same hour! Neato!

Oh, got an email that my account is going to be charged $496.00 for the McAfee Suite I ordered. OR I can call to cancel this order. The english and sentence syntax were almost pretty good. This time. I forwarded it to that guy in the Sudan that wants to send me $15M to put in my bank account cause he really needs to get it out of the country.

Finished off with Iron Butterfly “In-a-godda-da-vida” for a bitchin’ Wednesday music day. Y’all have a great night.

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