I Just Don’t Understand This Seahawk “12th Man” Stuff. Nor Sports Fans.

Such a big deal is made of the “12th Man” around here that they even hung a 12th Man flag from the Space Needle. Every Seahawk fan in town has a 12 on their shirts. I just don’t understand it and, really, it seems kind of silly. Do they really think they’re a part of the team and more than a means of making players/owner’s rich? But I’m not really a “sports” fan since they took the All Nude College Girls Volleyball games off tv.


Not much going on since I posted this morning. Got my usual done. Burned a bit more trash. Worked in the basement some more. I have 2 10-inch Ryobi table saws that I’ll never use so I’m thinking “Craig’s List.”

Made Kielbasa & Sauerkraut, and veggies, for dinner. Made way too much of it so there will be plenty left over for SWMBO. Sure was good though. Was surprised to actually find a jar of sauerkraut in the pantry. Would have had Dinty’s Beef Stew for dinner if I hadn’t found the sauerkraut. Which would have been okay too.


SWMBO got home safe and sat with me to watch “How To Train Your Dragon 2” so it’s gotten late (for me). Time to hit the rack!

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