And It’s ONLY Monday!

Got the laundry done. Which I wasn’t able to get done, as usual, yesterday.

OMG, that’s boring!

I'm Ready For Another Day Trip!

Overcoming temendous odds (getting out of bed), our Hero clung to convention, and daily routine, against all odds, to complete his appointed duties. …



No way around it: I’m boring. Hazard of being Retired and stuck inside on a partially rainy day, out near the woods, in the State of WaRshington.


Speaking of rain: it rained like crazy a couple of times before I fell asleep last night. Man, it was really coming down! Thought I heard another “thunp,” so the Dog and I will have to check for more downed trees on our next walk around the property.

Was raining pretty good when I left to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. Rained all the way there and for awhile after I found a parking spot. She got a bit wet between the ferry and the truck!

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