Aliens Invade Earth Thursday

Sun is out and it’s supposed to get up around 70 degrees today. Cool! Which means I won’t get a whole lot done inside; and probably damned little done outside. Although I do need to button up the tent trailer. Probably once it’s completely dry.


Made a run to ACE Hardware for a broom (figured it would be cheaper than Safeway) and distilled water. Got behind some dick talking on his phone and driving about 10 miles below the speed limit. Luckily I didn’t have to follow him for far. When I’m made Dictator it’ll be legal to run those assholes off the road.

Spent the afternoon just sitting in the Sun or moving things around outside. Did repack the Tent Trailer. Found a foot-long Rat living in that bunched up pool I got from a friend last year and evicted it. Tried to kill it but the BB wouldn’t crack his skull. Probably gave him a hell of a headache though!


And that’s pretty much it. When it’s nice outside you can expect that I’ll be outside as much as possible. Which means I don’t get much done. Ah well.

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