Been Wet All Day. Mostly.

Windy too. Had to get out and “guy” my 2-meter antenna (which I should have done long before) and free one of the ends of my 6-160 dipole. I’m pretty sure the steel wire holding it up between the trees will hold through pretty much anything, but, wasn’t sure that the antenna wire itself would stand the strain. That steel wire is raising the cinder block that’s one one end about 8 inches when the wind really kicks up!


Not a whole lot going on. Straightened up in the basement some. Got my usual chores done. Cleared out the dishwasher. Continued to move things around on my hard drives to organize things.


Made a trip to the Vape Shop in Allyn and bought a new Mod. $65 and it’s a whole lot lighter than the Invader Mini. Which finally failed so bad that I cut into the button area to see if I could fix it. Nope. It was a shamble in there. I will probably never buy anything else from that company. Nor that Vape Shop in Bremerton.


Anywho, I get to pick SWMBO up at the bus stop in town tonight. That’s always nice.

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