Not A Busy Day. Not A Lazy Day.

But kinda sorta in-between. Got off my lazy fat (Old) ass and made a garbage run. Finally vacuumed the Big Room. Got out and raked some more rocks out of the front yard. (Well, raked them into one pile instead of having them spread all over the yard.) Stopped that cause the mosquito’s were ringing the dinner bell on my ass.


Kitchen’s pretty much cleaned up with dishes in the dish washer ready to go. Laundry is done completely. Almost. Went in to make the bed to find that SWMBO’s damned cat had puked all over the bedspread & sheet. Leaving that mess for her cause I really don’t like that cat. Sick of it puking all over the house and leaving fur on everything. Literally, everything. Climbed a ladder to change a light bulb and cat hair came off the burned out bulb. I hate that damned cat!

But I’m not really an “Animal” person anyway. I can see no reason to keep an animal you aren’t going to eat.


Spent some time with my neighbor/friend getting him set up to Vape. I don’t know how long he’ll stick with it, but I think he’ll find it cheaper than smoking. And over all better for him than smoking. But, that’s his life and I’ll let him live it. He told me he wanted to try though.

Not much else going on. National News still sucks. Our President, Congress, and the EPA are still out to fuck us over as much as we’ll let them. And it seems we’ll let them as much as they want  to. But don’t get me started.

Sun finally came out about 1500 or so. Like that. Still wearing this monitor (and it’s still working!) so the Dog and I haven’t been able to take all our clothes off and go for a walk. Ah well. What I really want to do is take a shower; but can’t until I turn in this monitor. Time to get out a washrag and do what I can.


And, again, that’s about it for today. SWMBO is home safe and having her dinner. I just got a real sudden headache so I’m just going to vegg out the rest of the evening.

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