Another Fairly Lazy Sunday!

NC-003gWhich I kinda like, really. Especially if it means SWMBO and I can spend a bit more time together.

Like we did this afternoon. Walking the Dog mostly. Was fairly nice outside, so the Dog got a few more walks than usual what with me taking him out a couple of times this morning then SWMBO and I taking him out a couple of times this afternoon. Nice. Walking the Dog, holding her hand, talking. Nice!

Other than that it was more of the usual. Chores. Laundry. SWMBO made some nice meatloaf for dinner (along with boiled taters and that California Blend veggies she likes). Was yummy!

NC-003jThe MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went fast tonight because only  of us checked in. I think everyone else is hiding in their houses from shock that the Sun came out for most of the day. Like Vampires they just aren’t used to all that ultraviolet light hitting their skin.

Anywho, that’s it. Sorry it’s so boring, but, I really don’t have much happen or do a whole hell of a lot. Date Day with SWMBO is the highlight of my week. Walking the Dog (and myself) a few times a day. That’s about it.

Just Another Old Boring Guy, signing off.

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