I’ve Had Some Boring Days!

But today really wasn’t one of them. Aside from getting to take a walk around the “back 40” with my schweetie (SWMBO), I also got to fix my antenna’s.


Well, not “fix” exactly; more straightened them up and ran their feedlines as straight as possible. Also pounded in my grounding rod (finally!) and ran a heavy copper wire through the window (through a little thing I made specifically for running wires through) and now am ready to (finally!) ground all my radio equipment. About Time!

Probably forgot to mention yesterday that SWMBO went to Seattle for a job interview. She has another interview over there Monday for another job for the same company. She says they’ve already offered her the first job starting “right now” for almost $25/hr. But she wants to see what the other place offers before she decides.

Man With The Golden Gun

So it looks like I’ll be making the run to Bremerton weekday evenings to pick her up again. Which is okay; any way I can help. It’s pretty obvious that I ain’t getting another job. (I think people think I’m too old and my computer knowledge is too out of date. Little do they know!)

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