It’s Saturday. Right? Gotta Be…

SWMBO went to the genealogy library today. I didn’t do anything particularly interesting; except cook shrimp spaghetti stuff for dinner. Other than that: Nada.

Been watching YouTube video’s of the Icon A5 Light Sport Plane. I Want One!

At $130K (plus $4-5k to learn) it’s not unreasonably priced. Except to me…

Still a bit outta my price range for now though. I Just Have To Win The Lotto!

Got out and picked more maters then rendered them down to sludge (well, chunky sludge). Picked the last of the beans & peas. Picked the corn that looked like it was ready to be picked or where the stalks had turned yellow (obviously dead). I’m probably not going to plant corn anymore; never have any luck with it growing well.


Oh! Did get to this months meeting of the MCARC this morning. It went as usual. Nice ride to and from though even if the Wx is kinda crappy (overcast and much cooler until late afternoon).


SWMBO just told me she got fired from the Genealogy Library for making  a joke about being someone’s second wife, in front of a couple of non-members. Seems the New Director can’t take a fuckin’ joke (Asshole!). But, I’ll let her handle it…

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